Common Mistakes Made By Gay Couples That Ruins Their Relationship

Common Mistakes Made By Gay Couples That Ruins Their Relationship


Being in a relationship with someone you love or desire is no less than a divine experience. All of us aspire for a great relation despite our sexual orientations. Straight, gay or trans all go through the same effort and continuous diligence to keep their relations strong, vibrant and long lasting. Though all relationships require the same “Work in progress” sentiment but when LGBT community is concerned, things turn up to be relatively challenging. One of the major hurdles a gay man or a homosexual woman struggles with is finding their true mate in our erratic society.

Gay relationships have always been an intense and complicated issue but once nurtured it can turn out to be very emotionally fulfilling. Gay men require a lot of thinking to do to endure all the complications that surround when dating a person of the same sex.

In case you are entering into a new relationship with the man of your dreams or are already in a gay relation, you must avoid certain relationship mistakes to build a rock solid connection with your partner and to foster intimacy.

  1.  Gay dating apps,Yes those apps and websites that cater young gay adults need of networking with men of similar orientations and finding their partner like scruff, grindr etc. Some of you might not see it as a threat to your relation and yes it will not be unless your inclination towards these sites does not plant seeds of insecurity in your partner. Once you have committed, you must keep these casual internet dating habits backwood and be fully honest with him. The suspicion of betrayal can prove to very toxic especially to young and new gay couples.

  1. Getting into a relationship too soon is another major mistake new gay couples usually make. Often people sought out for new relationships in order to quickly overcome the trauma of a broken bond, this is nothing but an intentional cruelty towards the other person making the new relationship even more vulnerable. Remember nothing from your past should come between you and your boyfriend it is not his job to pick up the fallen pieces. The best way to assess if he is relationship ready is by knowing how long he has been single and if he is emotionally available to you. Avoid the common mistake of getting too close to someone too quickly.

  1.   The toughest thing to escape in a gay relationship is to abstain from competing with each other. Let’s accept it bluntly that when two partners are of same sex especially two alpha males then there will surely be some sort of competition in form or the other. While some friction is expected when two gay men are competing over clothing and physical appearance, over-competing in crucial matters like in bed or financial aspects can be a warning sign which needs to be curbed at the earliest to work out the relationship. Both partners in the relationship require having their own identity, voice, choices and lifestyle. Shower your love and care on him and keep the competition at bay. Bring more vitality in your sex life, be playful and spontaneous. Emotional and physical intimacy both play an important role in keeping the bond strong and long lasting.

  1.     Are you in a relationship with someone just to end up your loneliness? If the answer is affirmative then that’s VILE. If that is your priority then you surely need to evaluate your decision and rethink  about the whole idea of being in a relationship with someone. Most of the time people commit to a relationship as it seems more comfortable than being alone. This is not the way how it goes, one needs to understand themselves, their anxieties and strengths before looking out for any gay partner. LGBT community is witnessing a lot of issues surrounding their identity, desires and needs so gay couples should assess beforehand what they seek from their relationship before heading for one or else the relationship will nothing be more than a false sense of comfort.

  1.     Never transform your gay relationship into an Open relationship. Gay couples are more likely to opt for this sort of relationships compared to others. Relationships of first time gay couples can be compromised with this erroneous judgment taken too quickly without considering its consequences. Though the idea of having multiple partners and polyamory can influence men, it can actually be a lethal weapon for their own intimacy and privacy. Once this breeds in, this decision will turn self-destructive and the relationship ain’t going to work out any longer.

It is observed that an average gay relationship lasts for around one and a half years. Gay couples can do a lot better than this by finding their special someone apt for a long lasting and successful relationships. If you haven’t found one then don’t lose hope, there is so much for you waiting outside, keep looking and never stop living. Cheers!

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