Why Gay men turn out to be most successful Fashion Designers

Why Gay men turn out to be most successful Fashion Designers

We have to admit that the world of fashion designing is being ruled by MEN. There are plenty of fashion houses that belong to them despite the fact that most fashion brands are catering to women. There is still an imbalance in this space with nine speciality retailers amongst the 24 female CEO’s on the Fortune 500. 50 major fashion houses revealed that only 14% brands were run by women. Though women laid the foundation of many fashion houses they are now having men as their creative leads. It’s ironical to have men, specifically gay men dominating top roles in this space where women make the largest part of the consumer base. Findings prove that female designers are still outnumbered with more men designing clothing for them. But amongst them all, it were Gay men who reigned supreme.

It is largely believed that Gay men are more conceptual when it comes to female fashion and their designs reflect practicality compared to female designers.  We witness a striking difference in fashion signatures and statements designed by them with an impeccable sense of excellence despite the constant judgements received from the public eye. These speculations connect all successful gay designers who are now progressively touching all corners of society with their vogue style.

Popular gay designers or fashion maestros include Gabbana and Domenico Dolce(D&G), Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Gianni Versace and many others. Most of them are known hedonists and have earned fortunes experimentalism.

Most people still hold a doubt as to why most of the gay men are in fashion fraternity. Different people have varying views. Few believe that gay men’s attempt to fit in women shoes is one reason for their impeccable performance in their position to churn out the best for women.

Gay men are brave hearts who does not hesitate to reflect their thoughts that they can think like women and can design things that are even more creative than most female fashion designers. Gay men really enjoy designing clothes for both genders and do create some really fascinating products. Their fashion sense gets them far in this fashion business grabbing top creative roles beating their female counterparts.

As they are more interested in fashion world they are more likely to create and design it. If a gay man is giving any fashion advice people are more likely to believe him over any straight man. They have more fashion sense than five straight men put together.

Gay designer Tom Ford states that we can design better as we detach the spiritual from the physical.Gay men’s lack of physical desire for women lets them combine the physical beauty with personality and soul. He further adds that it’s their business to make someone look fashionable and  beautiful, they can objectify things to a point that the models becomes just an object for them for modelling or shaping, their soul and character is detached from that.

A large portion of the fashion trend that men prefer about women fashion is driven by women’s preferences be it intentionally or incidentally. Straight men may not get this as much of what they do is for attracting women.

Some people are beautiful in appearance yet they are completely uninteresting which does not make them any attractive. Since gay designers detach these two factors they make better and successful designers. Gay designers can be termed as unsexualized aesthetics.