Pride Mystery Box

Pride Mystery Box

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All new Pride Mystery Box includes 10+ items as listed below (all items are exclusive to the Mystery Box and not available elsewhere on the website.)

  • 3 Premium T-shirts
  • 1 Premium Hoodie or Sweatshirt
  • 1 Premium Long-sleeve
  • 1 Premium Hat
  • 1 Premium Pride Flag
  • 1 Lapel Pin
  • 3 Tuned in Pride Stickers
Available for a limited time only. Mystery box items are half-off retail value, meaning you save 50% vs. if you had purchased them individually.
All clothing items are made in the USA and feature true to size. pre-shrunk garments.

Customer feedback on our mystery boxes is outstanding (see our reviews at the bottom of this

With over 25,000 Mystery boxes ordered and filled, what are you waiting for? Buy your mystery
box today!

**Promo codes will not be applied to Mystery Box as it is already 50% off retail.

**Items will ship in a premium shipping bag made for this package deal, not the box shown.