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Wooden Rainbow ToothBrush

Wooden Rainbow ToothBrush

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Specially designed by the Pride Community!
Environmental Friendly & For 2 Great Causes!
  • Bristles are soft and made from high quality nylon, which are designed to clean as effectively as any manual toothbrush out there.
  • Handle is water resistant and has a perfect grip for all types of hands, no splinter guarantee!
  • High quality Bamboo Toothbrush in 100% recycled biodegradable packaging,ergonomic handle, deep cleaning bristle shape, aesthetic design.
  • Health & safety standard - the bristles are made of soft nylon which is easy on your gum, and has passed dentist's official health and safety standard.
  • Perfect as a personal toothbrush, guest bathroom toothbrush, travel toothbrush & camping toothbrush - use with your favorite bamboo charcoal brushing powder

Keep The Earth Green

The plastic toothbrushes can take up to1,000 years to decompose and can even leak pollutants into the surrounding soil and water ,so toothbrush bamboo is a good choice.

Help The LGBT Community

We at I Support LGBT support the community as well helps to make this world a better place.


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